Responsible Gaming

From the beginning, it was crucial for TonyBet Group to develop, maintain and constantly improve effective, responsible gaming policies that could be properly enforced across all markets.

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International Experience

TonyBet is a global, market-leading iGaming website that listens to its players. This is mostly achieved through promoting responsible gaming across all our platforms. Should our players ever need it, they can have access to self-exclusion tools and professional help.

TonyBet Group has ambitious plans to build one of the leading interactive gaming platforms for desktops and mobile devices that stands out for its player experience. As a rapidly-growing company, we are always looking for opportunities to expand our reach. Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and focus on safe and responsible gaming, we are able to enter new markets.

Responsible Gaming Practice

The Main Principles of Responsible Gambling Practices

At TonyBet, we are very aware of the duty of care we have to all our customers and the gambling community. By the duty of care we mean:

We recognize responsible gambling as an important social concern and strive to ensure that children and other vulnerable people are protected from being harmed by the services we offer. We feel that it is our duty to minimize the risks associated with gambling by providing information on how to identify these risks and equipping you with the necessary tools to take control of your situation. We are with you all the way, and we are ready to offer practical advice or simply offer a listening ear!

We work closely with our social responsibility partners to promote responsible gaming practices within the community. We hope that, as the industry continues to grow, operators’ duty of care will also grow, leading to increased awareness about responsible gambling and more help for those who need it.

We Prevent Underage Gambling

We visibly state that gambling is prohibited for those under eighteen (under twenty-one in some countries). An Age+ sign is displayed on each product’s homepage and on all advertisements carrying the TonyBet brand to remind us that we offer age-restricted services.

Our Responsible Gambling section includes information that it is illegal for anyone under a certain age to gamble with us. It also sets out that we must verify the age of every single customer before they can access any of our products. We are aware that the internet is accessible in most homes and that we must work together with the account holders to protect children from underage gambling. Therefore, we clearly state in our Terms and Conditions and on our Responsible Gaming page that they must keep their account login details private to prevent potential misuse by minors. We also actively discourage saving login details on the devices used to gamble and advise installing parental control applications.

We Offer Responsible Gaming Tools

TonyBet offers a variety of tools to enable customers to control their time and money spent on gambling and encourages them to gamble responsibly. All the limits can be set within three periods: daily, weekly, and monthly. The tools we offer include deposit, deposit count, loss, wagering limits, customer history access, and the ability to take a timeout or self-exclude yourself.

  • Deposit and wagering limits.
  • Customer history.
  • Self-exclusion.

We Encourage Our Players to Keep Their Gambling Under Control and Offer Support When Needed

Gambling can have an adverse impact on the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and society. Gambling can have temporary, episodic, or longer-term consequences that can occur at all levels of gambling participation. The way such harm can manifest is constantly evolving; however, there are various indicators of gambling addiction.

With that in mind, we offer our customers advice on how to keep their gambling habits under control. Also, we offer our customers to evaluate their attitude toward gambling with the help of our responsible gambling questionnaire. Whenever a player wishes to share their thoughts or opinions, our trained staff can help and give advice. Our goal for the future in the field of responsible gambling is to harness the best tools to improve customer protection.

Perhaps there is no better way to demonstrate the drive to raise standards than through a genuine and public commitment to meeting your social responsibilities. Our internal policies, procedures, and systems are in constant development to make sure we provide a safe and enjoyable environment to our players and make sure they are protected from the harms and hazards caused by irresponsible gambling.

We strive to fulfil the main objectives of gambling regulation:

  • To keep crime out of gambling.
  • To conduct it fairly and openly.
  • To keep children and other vulnerable people protected from harm
    or exploitation.

Protection of Personal Data

TonyBet has innovative measures in place, such as internal policies, that allow us to protect the personal information of our clients effectively, as well as quickly identify and eliminate threats. We only accept customers over 18 years of age (over 21 years of age in some countries) and require them to verify their age. We also ask for an ID when we have any suspicions of an underage customer.

We understand the importance of data security and use innovative measures to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. In particular, our websites have certified encrypted web pages and secure firewalled data centres. TonyBet is a safe space for customers that come to enjoy the experiences that betting brings them.

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